Why us?

Its simple.

We are uniquely qualified to solve problems and right wrongs.

We aren’t tied to any part of the manufacturing, supply or service part of the RV industry.

As an independent organization, we can advocate on behalf of our members with manufacturers and suppliers who aren’t doing the right thing when it comes to taking care of RV owners.

We cannot be influenced, manipulated or coerced by anyone in the RV industry. The organization will never be sold. Period.

Our sole focus is to stand in the gap for RV owners across America and make RVing what it was sold to us to be…fun and trouble free.

Here are some of the problems that we discovered as we were preparing to start the RVOAA

We wanted to make sure our unique skills could solve the problems facing the industry.

MAJOR PROBLEM #1: The entire supply chain is controlled entirely by the manufacturers. They control the parts supply and the reimbursement for warranty repairs.

For years, manufacturers and suppliers have bullied RV owners and dealers.

The dealers’ hands are tied because if they cause too much trouble, the manufacturer can pull their line of RVs from the dealer to sell and the dealer will be hung out to dry.

Its a vicious circle that leaves the RV owner sitting at home during vacation season while he waits for his RV to be repaired.

Its totally unacceptable. 

And with the recent acquisition of Jayco, 3 companies manufacture almost 90% of the RVs on the road today, things will probably get worse.

We’ve heard stories of RV owners spending a large part of their summers waiting for a simple part to be delivered so the can get their RV repaired to get it back on the road.

We’ve heard stories of RVs spending more time in the shop waiting for repairs than being out on the road enjoying the great outdoors during vacation season.

We’re tired of RV owners being mistreated and taken advantage of, with our large number of members, we will get the attention of manufacturers.

So, where does an RV owner turn when he has a problem with how his RV is manufactured or when he discovers a manufacturing defect?

Until now, an RV owner was a small voice, screaming at the top of his lungs, hoping he would get someone to listen.

OUR SOLUTION TO PROBLEM #1: Create a nationwide organization of RV owners with such a large membership base that manufacturers have no other choice but to listen to us. 

MAJOR PROBLEM #2: No accountability to keep manufacturing quality up because there is no published manufacturing standard or independent organization to audit and insure that RVs are being built to a specific standard.

Currently, a group of manufacturers sits on the board of the organization responsible for overseeing the manufacturing standard and auditing manufacturers to make sure the standard is being met.

This is like the Fox watching the henhouse.

Does that sound like a good idea? Or would it be better to have an independent organization insure quality?

We believe there is no excuse for poor workmanship and manufacturing.

OUR SOLUTION TO PROBLEM #2: Create an independent manufacturing standard for RVs and publish it for everyone to see. This way everyone will know if an RV was built to that standard. We will create a seal of approval that RVs are manufactured to our published standard.

Self policing of manufacturing standards results in poorly built products.

We understand and have experience in implementing Quality Control programs to eliminate manufacturing deficiencies and know how to audit manufacturing operations to insure quality products.

PROBLEM #3: Not enough quality RV parks to meet the demand of hundreds of thousands of new RV owners each year.

We’ve read stories of RV owners having trouble finding a place to park their RV when they are on vacation, because there is a shortage of RV parks that have open sites and there is a shortage of places to park the RVs when they aren’t being used.


The reason there aren’t enough spaces is because there isn’t an organization that has a national presence who understands how to talk to local municipalities to ethically, legally and morally grease the wheels at city hall so things get done fast.

Since we’ve been in the construction industry for almost 30 years, we have the contacts with architects, engineers, experts and public relations people to get RV parks approved and developed.

Working together as a group, we believe we can develop 50 new RV parks per year with an average of 90 spaces per park. In a few short years, we will be able to create a healthy vacancy rate so RV owners can get spaces when they want, but at the same time prevent an overbuilt situation.

PROBLEM #4: People are afraid of conflict and don’t hold businesses to a standard of performance.

They are uncomfortable confronting anyone about anything.

During our preparation to start the RVOAA, we found an article that discussed how to contact RV manufacturers and gently talk to them to hopefully get some action on getting your RV repaired.

To be honest, it made us sick!

OUR SOLUTION TO PROBLEM #4: Create a relationship with manufacturers so we can get an audience with someone who can make a decision when our members have a problem.

Unlike most people, we don’t back down from a fight. We try to avoid conflict by being civil and negotiating first, but when that fails, we are ready and capable of going to battle for you!

We believe that when RV owners band together, our combined voice will be so loud and ominous that we will force manufacturers and suppliers to hear us.

We want to support RV owners and along with them, RV dealers because RV dealers are on the front line, taking shrapnel for poorly constructed or damaged RVs. 

Since we have no ties to manufacturers we can advocate on behalf of dealers to:

  • insure that dealers get reimbursed for warranty work they do for manufacturers. 
  • have sufficient parts to make the repairs to RVs they service without having to wait weeks
  • add more bays for repairs along with skilled/qualified repair techs

We believe that a significant amount of repairs that are being done on RVs are a result of loosely followed manufacturing standards. These warranty repairs fill up service bays at RV dealers which results in extended repair times for other RVs that just need some TLC.