Why now?

There are a lot of reasons why now is the time to become a part of the RV Owners Association of America.

REASON #1: With the recent acquisition of Jayco, there are 3 manufacturing companies that make almost 90% of the RVs available for purchase today.

These companies have the momentum and the power to move the RV industry in any direction they want without being accountable to anyone.

Any one RV Owner doesn’t have the influence, clout or power to get the attention of these monster companies when something goes wrong with their RV.

You know the drill, you call their customer service number and get into the big corporate labyrinth that seems to be designed to frustrate you so that you eventually give up.

But with millions of RV owners banding together, our voice will be heard…guaranteed!

REASON #2: Its a critical time in the RV industry.

Since 1997, the number of RV owners has stayed level. In 1997 there were 9 million RV owners. In 2017 there were 9 million RV owners.

This means that the RV industry has done a great job of selling RVs. On average they have sold around 350,000 RVs per year with the exception of 2015-16-17 where the number of RVs sold has exceeded 500,000 units.

As everyone knows, you are either growing or you’re dying. The RV industry has avoided that law of nature for almost 20 years, but its starting to catch up with them.


Because while the total of RV owners has remained the same, the average age has gone up. The average age of RV Owners in 2017 was over 65.

The Question you should be asking is…

Why are so many people leaving the RV lifestyle?

Could it be that they were sold something that hasn’t turned out the way it was promised?

Could it be that their RV is in constant need of repair and they are frustrated that they keep making payments but can’t use it?

Could it be that they can’t find available spaces at RV parks during the time when they want to go on vacation?

There are most certainly other reasons, but all of them are connected to one thing.

They weren’t satisfied with the RV lifestyle so they decided to move on to something else.

And that’s a tragedy!

We believe that all of these reasons can be resolved when we work together as a group…especially when that group is millions strong.

This is especially the case when it comes to RV parks.

One person or company who wants to develop a new RV park, one at a time, won’t get the attention of a local city or town.

But, with a national presence that has a track record of developing RV parks, local municipalities will have the assurance that the new park will be built and maintained in a professional manner.

REASON #3: Time is of the Essence – the RV industry needs to get all of its ducks in a row for when the millennials enter the RV market.

There has been a lot of discussion about millennials and how to sell to them.

Because of the massive college debt that most millennials have accumulated, it will be about 7-10 years before they enter the RV market.

But when the millennials do enter the RV market, it better be ready.

Millennials relentlessly research everything before they purchase. They are very savvy buyers and will know if a particular manufacturer has quality problems or if one of their generation was taken advantage of by a particular dealer.

Millennials have a sort of collective intelligence because of the communities they are a part of online. If one millennial gets screwed by a manufacturer or dealer, all of them will know.

Millennials are fiercely loyal, until you screw them. And then they will do their level best to destroy that business through bad reviews and commentaries in their online communities.

If millennials find that the RV industry is in disarray and there are serious quality issues, they will take their recreation dollars elsewhere and the industry will either die or be seriously diminished.

The time to act is now. Get the RV industry up to speed with an adequate number of RV parks and top notch construction at a reasonable price and the RV market will explode.

If you’d like to be a part of saving/fixing the RV industry, join us as a charter member.

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