Our Mission

The RVOAA will become a relentless voice for RV owners to right wrongs and advance the future of RVing. As a non-profit organization, the RV Owners Association of America is focused on correcting many different problems.

We have surveyed various individual owners, clubs, organizations, and associations over the course of time, and we have noticed a few patterns.

Nearly all of the different groups mentioned above have their focus on enhancing the fun of and communities around RVs. That need is definitely met. What is concerning, however, is how few  of those organizations are promoting the development of new campgrounds, a desperate need for a growing industry, or attempting to work with manufacturers to address various issues and concerns.

No effort is currently being made to improve RV manufacturing quality. There is little in the way of parts support across the board from manufacturers or suppliers. And there is no guarantee that the RV a customer buys will match the expectations of reliability and quality of construction and design that they might have. One would think this would be a high level priority of the manufacturers across the board, but our research and surveys are indicating that this is not the case for a disappointing number of manufacturers.

RV owners often feel as though their RVs, many of which are surprisingly new and untraveled, spend more time in the shop than on the road, in part due to the frequency of breakdowns and partially due to extended waiting periods on parts that manufacturers are not keeping in stock to send to dealers or repair shops.

As it stands right now, an individual RV owner has no voice with the manufacturer other than that of a beggar asking for scraps or some form of benevolence from an indifferent company.

Dealers themselves are caught between a rock and a hard place, as many want to provide better service to their customers, but a lack of manufacturer support makes this nigh impossible. Then they have to fear that if they cause too many issues trying to get the makers to act right and provide proper support and products that the manufacturer may pull their products right off their lots, a serious blow to a dealer’s ability to make money. Which once again leaves dealing with the manufacturer largely up to the consumer, who in turn is too often stuck picking up the pieces of a damaged or broken RV.

But if the RV owners were to band together and unify their voices, they could certainly be heard.

That is why the RVOAA was founded: to make the future of the 20 year stagnant RV industry bright again.

With our power as a group, we can organize and support the construction of high quality RV campgrounds and parks across the country. We can protect our hobbies and lifestyles from malicious manufacturing practices and even bad government legislation. We can work to make manufacturers honor their warranties properly and put out the high quality products that they should be putting out already.

Our goal is to get more than half of all the RV owners in America to join with us in making the RV lifestyle what it was always promised to be.

By almost everyone’s account, there are around 9 million RV owners in America, so we are committing to get 4,500,000 RV owners to join our association.

We realize this is an unbelievable, almost impossible goal, but we’ve made it a habit of accomplishing the impossible.

With more than 4 million people joining together, your voice will no longer go unheard.

Unite with the RVOAA to become the unstoppable force working toward a brighter, adventure-filled future for the RV industry as a whole. Every new member makes us stronger, so join with us today.

What Happens on our way to our 4,500,000 member goal?

As the membership grows, we will begin our quest to build new RV parks across the country.

We will poll our members to get locations, amenities that are most important to RVers. And with millions of members, we are confident the RV parks we develop will be the best in the industry. What’s even better is our members pay a reduced rate and get top priority for spots.

Our intent at this point is to fully fund the construction of the RV parks, so the RV park fees are used to maintain and improve the parks. The goal is debt free parks that are the pride and joy of the communities they serve and that add tremendous value to the towns where they are located.

And we will assist other RV park developers in fast tracking the construction and permitting of new parks so every RVer can have a place to park their RV when they go on an adventure!

When we achieve our 4,500,000 member goal, we will build no less than 50 new RV parks per year for a minimum of 7 years, so a total of 350 new RV parks built to our members’ standards are available for them to enjoy!

We won’t know about you, but we think that is really exciting!

If you’d like to invest in preserving the RV lifestyle for future generations and making it better for current generations, become a charter member today.

Together, we can make a different.

Here’s where to go to become a charter member.  Become a charter member