Become a Charter Member

As a charter member of the RVOAA, you get benefits that last for your lifetime and beyond.

Because we want to honor your willingness to be a pioneer and support the RV industry, we want to reward you.

Our membership goal is 4,500,000 RV owners.

The charter members will make up 1% of that goal or 45,000.

You will truly be one of the top 1%!!!

And as part of the 45,000 charter member group you will be ambassadors of RVOAA…to tell other RV owners about the good things that RVOAA is doing for the RV industry.

From the charter member group, 45 people will be chosen each year to be on the advisory board of RVOAA. The charter members will have the opportunity to apply to be on the advisory board.

The RVOAA is committed to working on issues that are important to the RV owners across America, so we need constant feedback from our members.

This is especially the case when it comes to developing RV parks.

And as we work with RV park developers to build more parks, charter members will be able to direct the amenities that are included in each new RV park.

Campground development – as a charter member, you will have the opportunity to guide the types of amenities and the locations of the campgrounds RVOAA or its sister organizations will develop.

No decisions we make will be made without input from the membership. RVOAA will be a member guided organization specifically focused on the advancement of the RV owners experience and satisfaction.

As a charter member, you will get top tier benefits at the fixed rate of $35 per year not only for your lifetime, but for your children, your grandchildren and your great grand children’s lifetimes.

When we start offering benefits to our members, there will be 3 tiers, Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Because you supported us in the beginning, we will keep your annual dues fixed at $35 per year for the Gold Service level as long as RVOAA is in operation.

And since RVOAA will never be for sale at any price and will be set up as a corporation with strict operating bylaws prohibiting the sale, your descendants will  enjoy top tier benefits at the $35 rate forever.

As a charter member (RVOAA ambassador) you will be get early previews of whats coming for the other members. You will get to see and experience the excitement of a fast growing organization from the inside. You will be a part of history.

Invest in the Future of RVing. Become a member today.

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