RVOAA – RV Owners Association of America was founded by the Bret Mundt family, Bret, Lori, Christian, Duncan, Jordan and Julia.

One of our core beliefs is looking out for the little guy, the person who doesn’t have the voice to protect or defend themselves.

When we saw that RV owners didn’t have a voice and that the dealers were in the middle taking a beating for poor RV construction and parts support, we were compelled to jump into the situation to do what we could to help.

The RV Owners Association of America was the result.

For the past 29 years, we’ve been in the commercial and industrial construction business and have worked for the top companies in the world.

We’ve seen how the larger a company gets, the more disconnected it becomes from its customers and its employees and it makes us sick to our stomachs.

We hate to see an industry that is so great be pulled down by money hungry multi-billion dollar corporations. 

But what could we do? 

After multiple brainstorming sessions over a few weeks, one of us blurted out, “why don’t we just get millions of RV owners to band together” so things can change? 

We’ve seen groups of people get together behind a common cause and force huge companies to change how they do business. 

The Southern Baptist Convention forced Disney to change by a year long boycott. 

We aren’t interested in becoming adversarial with manufacturers and suppliers. They are a critical part of the RV community. We just want them to work harder to improve the quality of their products and support RV owners with the parts needed to get RVs repaired quickly and back on the road where they belong…where their owners can enjoy them. 

But sometimes big companies won’t listen unless you have a large number of people saying the same thing. 

So we’re committed to growing the RV Owners Association of America until its membership reaches 50% of all RV owners.

We believe that at this membership level, we will have the leverage to get things done in the RV industry that are holding the industry back from growing.